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Wood Countertop and Cutting Board Care…

Cleaning – Your wood countertop and cutting board is the most durable-forgiving surface around today. Caring for your wood countertop or cutting board is easy.

  • Mineral or Tung Oil Finish - To clean and disinfect your top or board use a 20% vinegar and 80% water solution or a mild detergent. Do NOT use an ammonia-based cleaner because it will soften or cloud the finish. Wipe on… wipe off.

  • NEVER let water or liquid of any sort stand on your countertop or cutting board.

Re-Oiling – Wood oxidizes and changes color as it ages. It can and will lose moisture due to the environment. To enhance the natural beauty of the countertop or cutting board and to keep it from drying out, regular oiling is recommended (for Mineral or Tung Oiled tops). The re-oiling requirements are different for the specific finish you select. Refer to the “Finish Selection” section of this booklet for details.