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Wood Cutting Boards…

amylou productions offer Wood Cutting Boards in the most popular and versatile wood species, construction styles, thickness and shapes. All Cutting boards are finished with traditional Mineral Oil which is food safe and can be found in your local pharmacy.

There are three construction styles available - Plank, Edge Grain and End Grain expained further below.

Edge Grain - Edge Grain Cutting Boards are made with the edge of the board facing up/down.

Plank/Flat Grain - Plank/Flat Grain Wood Cutting Boards are made with the face of the wood facing up/down.

End Grain - End Grain Wood Cutting Boards are made with the ends of the board facing up/down. This type of construction is often referred to as "butcher block" construction. Since the end grain is much harder than flat or edge grain, it's the best option for a surface which is going to be used as a cutting surface. It will not dull knives as fast as the other surfaces and will not show knife marks as easily.

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