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Wood Countertop FAQs…

Here are some common questions:

  • Is wood a safe material to use around food? Absolutely! The porous surface actually draws bacteria into the body of the countertop where it cannot replicate and dies.

  • Can I use a wood countertop near my sink? Yes. All of the finishes we use are water and stain resistant and can be used as a sink or vanity base. Some of our finishes require additional oiling to maintain this level of stain and water resistance. We will work with you to ensure you select the best finish option for your needs.

  • How much do wood countertops cost? Basically three things drive the cost of a wood countertop… Wood Species, Thickness and Construction Style. You can find additional information of these topics and others at our site Prices start at $70 per square foot (discounts are available). Additional fees are added for any extras you may desire.

  • How long does it take to have a wood top custom built? A standard top is in the shop for about 10 business days from either template or order.

  • How will I get my countertops measured and installed? amylou productions has a dedicated-professional template and install team who will come to your home to precisely measure and install your custom wood countertops.

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