amylou productions

From Beautiful Wood Countertops, to Home & Garden Products, to Photography, Theatrical, and Retail Products & Graphic Signs, all of our products are made in the USA and we handcraft every piece to ensure the highest quality for our customers.

The Benefits of Wood….

Naturally Beautiful

Wood instantly warms up a room with its rich tones and interesting grains adding simplistic beauty to your home. Wood offers distinct characteristics within species and since no two trees are alike, the natural variation offers a final product that is as unique and authentic as nature itself.

Easy Care

Wood is low maintenance because our products are finished with either a penetrating waterproof oil or Lacquer which repels moisture and add a beautiful finish. You will simply need to re-oil throughout the life of your wood product if you choose to finish in an oil and depending on level of use. When choosing a Lacquer or Waterlox finish the wood product should be treated like any other piece of fine wood furniture. Any finish selected will be stain and water resistant. However, it’s easy to clean with mild, ammonia-free detergent and disinfect with a vinegar/water solution or lemon juice and salt.

Food Safe

Wood is a natural product and has naturally produced enzymes that do not allow bacteria to grow. Additionally, our products are finished with oil or lacquer (your choice) and is certified as “food safe when dry” by the finish manufacturer.